Racism is overt hostility toward 일본만화 애니24사이트 a specific ethnic or racial group. What if following that faith necessitates killing every Christian and Jew alive, even children, in exchange for an aftertaste-free, bottomless supply of wine and 72 beautiful brides in heaven? Scripture references: Koranic Chapters 9:29–30 and 56 (“The Event, Heavenly Mecca”). What’s wrong with disliking bigotry? Is it appropriate to shine a spotlight on prejudice? May bigotry be ridiculed, cursed at, satirized, and condemned? Assuming Muhammad is the source of these texts, he is an easy target for ridicule. The entire blame for 9/11 lies with these verses.

Just picture this animation playing out in your mind.

In this scenario, George W. Bush, posing as the Pope, sends a stealth bomber into Tehran and triggers a nuclear weapon there. Former President George W. Bush announced his intention to initiate a Crusade in reaction to the 9/11 attacks.

Once upon a time, a thousand years ago, the Pope led his Christian army across Europe, slaying every Jew they came across on their way to the Holy Land until they were knee-deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. Everyone who isn’t a Christian will be taken captive by Jesus’ angels and burned at the stake when he returns because they are all devils with horns sprouting from their foreheads, tails, and feet. Matthew 13:36-43 to the extent that Jesus Christ is the 무료만화 애니24사이트 source of the Christian Bible, he is a fair target for ridicule.

Think about this mental picture very carefully. A long-bearded old Jew flies a stealth bomber with enough explosives to wipe out civilization. To conquer the world for Judaism, Psalm 2 of the Old Testament says that the Jewish Messiah will use an iron rod to kill every non-Jewish man, woman, and child. Mockery is in order if the God of Mount Sinai says so. Christians and Muslims both revere the Old Testament, but now adherents of all three faiths expect the Messiah to slaughter nonbelievers upon his arrival on Delta Flight 929, quoting from Psalm 2.

As can be seen, there will be no world peace so long as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam remain. There are explicit prohibitions against it in their holy texts. Many other passages in these Holy Bibles also call for the death penalty for all nonbelievers.

Mount Sinai’s deity, who is also known as the Father, Allah, and Elohim, proclaimed the rest of the Holy Scriptures to be complete and utter poop through all of the Biblical Prophets, including Jesus Christ. The three major religions have a filthy little secret that is leading you all too nuclear World War III, and here it is. God called the Bible “dung” (Malachi 2:1-3) and “vomit” (Isaiah 28:7-15), saying it was written by “stupid, drunken 만화보는곳 애니24사이트 Bible Writers” who were inspired by Satan and signed their prophecies “God” (Ezekiel 13:1-22).

If people don’t follow God’s rules, He says the Bible and the other three great religions will become “sanctuaries of lies and falsehoods” that will lead to their destruction. Biblical quotations: (Isaiah 28:9-13). Nuclear experts agree that we are currently experiencing Armageddon, the third nuclear battle, from which there will be no survivors.

Jesus agreed that, except for the Ten Commandments, the Bibles are full of poison that would lead us all to hell and that the Bible Writers were devils spewing their venom into your Holy Bibles. Matthew 23:33 claims that Jesus Christ is the greatest blasphemer and heretic of all time.

The rest of the Bibles are human 애니24 – ohli365 creations, even if the Ten Commandments are divinely inspired. An important point to make about the cartoon is that God has forbidden humans to be treated with awe or reverence. The fact that Muslims worship Muhammad and Christians revere Jesus is the primary source of 애니24사이트 추천 tension between the two religions. From whom and who do we learn that depictions of Muhammad are forbidden? No, certainly not. Jesus, who is also the Muslim Messiah, is shown in Islamic art in a variety of ways because the New Testament was accepted as part of Islam’s Holy Scripture (Koran Sura 3:40-43). Indeed, the Bible doesn’t say much about Jesus, but there are still plenty of paintings and sculptures out there that show Him in various contexts.

The writing is on the wall, and these three books will serve as our blind guides into the radioactive flames of oblivion. However, nothing is decided until it is. Your Bibles, which have been collecting dust for 3,200 years, hold the key to preventing this disaster. If you want to learn more about how we may achieve everlasting peace on our planet and rescue the world if users can tear themselves away from your marvel comics long enough to avert the annihilation of life on Earth at the hands of humans then check out The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion.

This is not the time to put a halt to your efforts to combat racism because of fears of retaliation. If we continue to poison the world with our animosity, we will destroy ourselves and everything in it. Resolving hostility is a top priority. Calling out intolerance, staging protests, and making fun of it are all commendable actions. That’s how we’ll win the war against the bigotry that can lead to genocide.

Neglect, hunger, and nuclear 애니24사이트 주소 war are all potential causes of extinction.

Only by playing with the Terms in the equation can the sum be changed. It’s clear that if you forbid people everywhere from speaking out against hatred and then do nothing to stop it, the hatred will grow until it’s impossible to contain. The only way for humanity to make it through the Nuclear Age unscathed is for people to speak out against hatred and advocate for peace and love instead. We can no longer consider war a viable option. As such, it should be thrown away as it is now useless. There will be no survivors from World War III. World peace is our only hope, but we’ll never achieve it as long as we continue to deny our own ugly, racist nature.

Don’t kill, don’t bear false witness against people by labeling them as Devils to be feared, hated, and killed simply because they are not a part of your group, and don’t sign God’s name to your fears and hatred by bringing his name into it. We hid our own God’s Word because we thought we knew better. Eventually, every nation will recognize our errors.

The consequences of remaining silent in the face of racism, war, and deceit are incalculably terrible. It doesn’t matter what religion we profess, we’re all a mix of good and evil. You get what I’m trying to convey. Do something productive with your mind today; use your words, your hands, your screen, and your 만화사이트 애니24사이트 pencil to help bring about the end of bigotry.

It’s OK to mock and criticize bigotry here. Raise your voice now to end the hatred that, if not countered by love, will lead to mass murder and the annihilation of all species on Earth.